Non-surgical skills for cardiovascular surgeons (Online course)

The course is offered by the LACES Academy, the educational domain of LACES. We aim to close educational gaps amongst cardiothoracic surgeons in Latin America by offering easily accessible courses for surgeons, trainees, and any healthcare provider involved in the cardiovascular field.

The course has the contribution of internationally renowned experts, which grants the quality of the lectures and will significantly contribute to improving the quality of cardiac surgery in Latin America.

The “Non-surgical skills for cardiovascular surgeons”  course comprises 12 modules, mainly focused on preoperative decision-making, patient selection, preoperative assessment, imaging analysis, and management of perioperative complications. 

The course has a total of 12 modules. A new module will be released once the previous module has been finished. Every module has a 1-hour lecture and a test of 5 multiple-choice questions. Participants who complete all 12 modules and approve the tests with a mean score of 70% will receive a course certification from LACES. Once the participants register for the course, they will have 16 weeks to complete the course.


  • Preoperative risk assessment in cardiac surgery. Antonio Garcia, CV surgeon, Spain.
  • Echocardiography for cardiac surgeons. Ahmad Omram, Cardiology, Canada.
  • Basic concepts on radiological imaging for cardiac surgeons. Cristobal Ramos-Juan Eduardo Illanes, Radiology, Chile.
  • Basic concepts on catheters and angiography for cardiac surgeons. Gilbert Tang, CV surgeon, USA
  • Basic concepts on cardiopulmonary bypass for surgeons. Brigida Aguerrevere PCC, Latin American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion, ALAP
  • Normal post-operative care following cardiac surgery. Jacobo Moreno, anesthesiologist, Canada
  • Bleeding management in cardiac surgery patients. Justyna Bartoszko, anesthesiologist, Canada
  • ERAS - Fast Track in cardiac surgery. Dr. Rakesh C. Arora, CV Surgeon, USA.
  • Management of complications following cardiac surgery, Massimiliano Meineri, anesthesiologist, Germany
  • ECMO, mechanical circulatory support, and postcardiotomy shock. David Drullinsky, CV Surgeon, Canada
  • CPR in cardiac surgery patients. Joel Dunning, CV Surg, UK
  •  Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons. Victor Dayan, CV surgeon, Uruguay.

Registration fee:

LACES Members: 40 USD
Trainee* or health allied (LACES member): 30 USD
Non-members: 75 USD
*Proof of affiliation to a residency/fellowship program must be sent to


LACES Academy directors:

Mateo Marin-Cuartas
Juan Contreras 
Joaquin Gundelach