LACES Women in Cardiac Surgery Committee




About Dr. Lorena Montes:

Dr. Lorena Montes Villalobos obtained her medical degree from Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia. She completed her studies under full scholarship from the “Andrés Bello” program (A presidential award for the best students in the country). She continued her post-graduate training as a cardiovascular surgeon at Hospital Clínico San Carlos, in Madrid, Spain, and participated as a visitant scientist at CNIC (National Center of Cardiovascular Investigations), where she worked in several projects, especially in experimental surgery. She went to Berlin (Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin DHZB) and Leipzig (Universität Leipzig Herzzentrum) to expand her knowledge in Circulatory support and minimally invasive surgery. She returned to Colombia 7 years ago, where she has worked in different hospitals around the country. She is currently a partner with CorVita cardiovascular group. This group provides CardioVascular surgery services to several educational institutions throughout the country including Hospital Universitario Hernando Moncaleano Perdomo in Neiva, Unidad Cardioquirúrgica de Nariño and Clínica Hispanoamérica in Pasto, and Hospital Universitario del Valle in Cali. Recently she was awarded a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Aortic Valve Structural Interventions at the University of Zürich. She is an active participant in the Women as One 2021 CLIMB/Structural Skills Trainig Program. Moreover, Dr. Montes is member of the Society of Thoracic Surgery (STS) Latin America Task Force and of the Colombian Society of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery.